Office criminal lawyer Shai Roda – Criminal law expert

Shai Roda Criminal Law Office specializes in criminal defense, representing individuals charged with or under suspicion of a broad range of criminal offenses. The office also represents ordinary
citizens and professionals, including attorneys and accountants, with no criminal record, accused of white-collar crimes, money laundering, and income tax and VAT offenses, and who find themselves involved in legal procedures designed for offenders.

Areas of specialization:

Shai Roda Criminal Law Office specializes in homicides (murder, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter), drug-related crimes (possession, trafficking, importation), sexual offenses, public order and morality crimes (public order and riot crimes, prostitution, gambling, prohibited gaming), bribery, violent crimes (domestic violence, assault), property crimes (robbery, burglary, theft) white-collar and economic crimes (including tax offenses), representing minors and inmates in parole board hearings and appeals.

Shai Roda Criminal Law Office also defends enlisted, career, and reserve members of the IDF in martial courts for desertion, and weapons-related and drug-related offenses.

Committed to individualized service:

Shai Roda Criminal Law Office represents clients through all stages of the legal proceeding, preparing clients for police investigations to representation at arrest and trial, at all court instances, from magistrate court and military court to district court and the Supreme Court of Justice.

Since the firm’s establishment, Shai Roda handles clients exclusively, committed to personalized, professional, and discrete representation. Shai Roda works diligently, faithfully, and zealously in defending his clients, exhausting all legal strategies to promote his clients’ interests.

Contact us:

Shai Roda Criminal Law Office is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, in the Amot Mishpat Building, only a short walk to the Tel Aviv Magistrate/District Courthouse, the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office, and other government offices.

As part of his commitment to his clients, Attorney Roda is available 24 hours a day, with national coverage in Israel. In an emergency Attorney Roda can be reached by mobile 050-2292229, office line 03-6938555 or by clicking the Contact Us form on this website.

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